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Signature Series Scribex Signature Pad

product discontinued January 2003.

New Signature Series Scribex


Designed for integration into demanding kiosk applications, Scribex provides the high-resolution signature input needed for public-access signature capture and signature verification. The Scribex pad can be integrated into most non-conductive materials such as plastic, lexan, wood, or glass. The signature pad will electrically project through up to 1/4" of material. It allows the kiosk developer to define an ergonomically correct, aesthetically pleasing signature input surface for electronic signature capture. The system uses a separate battery-powered, long-life pen, tethered to the kiosk.


  • High resolution signature with 410 lines per inch horizontal and vertical. Provides smooth bitmaps and resolution required for signature verification.
  • High data sampling rate, 377 data points per second. High data capture for signature verification.
  • Durable electrostatic, long-life stylus. High durability in public-access environments. Not subject to cord damage. Rated to 250,000 signatures before replacement.
  • Sensor board easily integrated into a kiosk with a projection through 1/4" of non-ferrous material. Gives the developer the flexibility to create ergonomically correct signature input that fits the kiosk look and design.
  • The board communicates via an RS-232 serial port to driver objects that are built into the host application. Scribex is powered from the host port.
  • Scribex works through paper. Signatures can be captured both electronically and in hard copy. Elo provides an ink cartridge for hard-copy receipts.
  • Scribex only responds to the stylus. This provides full palm rejection.


Scribex gives the developer the flexibility to create an ergonomically correct signature input pad built into a non-ferrous portion of the kiosk. The Scribex pad is a durable circuit board and pen application that works on electrostatic principles to input signatures electronically. The pen is a robust, battery-powered device rated for 250,000 signatures before replacement. Signature capture data rates and resolution are high enough to support signature verification software packages and capture a signature bitmap. Communication is via RS-232, with the device powered from the host serial port.

  • Retail transaction kiosks
  • Employment application kiosks
  • Government service kiosks
  • Merchandise pickup kiosks
  • Financial kiosks and super ATM's


Resolution 410 lines/inch horizontal and vertical
Sample Rate 377 points per second
MTBF 1,000,000 hours
Communications RS-232, 19200 baud, DB9 connection
Pen life 250,000 signatures
Temperature Operating: 0°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity Operating: 10 to 90%, noncondensing
Kit Part # 918365-000